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Mother of Avni

Choosing Petals Preschool was the best decision that I made for my child. Here, my child really learn without pressure. Also what they learn is not peripheral but stays with them. My children have become confident, responsible and social all thanks to Petals. At Petals, each child is really special; I can vouch for it."

Mother of Anaira

I don’t feel guilty when I’m at work. I don’t feel bad that somebody else is raising my daughter. I don’t feel bad at all, because I know that they’re doing a good job! I’ve had good experiences. Anaira learning curve has improved so much in terms of how she looks at things and how responsible she is. Daycare, I feel, is a better option than keeping a nanny at home.

Mother of Nysha

I am very happy with the school and its Curriculum. Nysha is growing up to be independent and confident. She is always waiting to go to school, She has shown a lot of leadership skills amongst his cousins and friends of her age. She is happy at school and so are we knowing that.


Mother of Yatharth

We are really happy with the way the school is conducting itself. Teachers, Centre Heads, and Didis are not only qualified but also very sensitive to every child's needs. They are giving love & affection along with great teaching, which is why my child goes to school happily. Indeed very happy with the school. A big thanks to Petal’s Management for taking care of my child as their own.

Mother of Dia

After a child grows out of the arms of his parents to face a new & bigger world, we as parents want them to feel as secured & cared as they were at home. A good preschool in the formative years of a child plays an integral part in his overall growth. I am happy that I choose 'PETALS' for my daughter pre-school as in the last 3 yrs I have seen her develop into this energetic, friendly, positive & loving child. At PETALS every week there was some activity which motivated my daughter to attend her school daily. Right from dance, movie time, kid fit, a foreign language & phonics, everything made the pre schooling very interesting, full of fun & a great learning experience. I really admire the patience of every teacher & their passion to work with little children. As a parent I want to say a big 'Thank You' to the entire school management, as it’s their collective effort to provide the best school for any child.

Mother of Reyaan

My son Reyaan was just 16 months when he joined PETALS. I was so double minded at that time about whether it’s too early, if he will be comfortable and enjoy school, but within a few days itself I realized that it was the best decision I had ever made. He was enjoying and not just that, he had started speaking. He started interacting. He has also become more creative and innovative. PETALS has the best caring, patient and kind teachers. They are superb!! The wonderful thing about the school is the different fun activities and programs that they conduct. Their concepts and methodology help kids in building essential skills. My son Reyaan is always happy while going to school and has learnt a lot. A big thank-you to PETALS!!

Mother of yana

First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers of PETALS PRESCHOOL NOIDA for their effort and selfless sacrifice extending towards the kids. They are indeed very talented and blessed human beings. Secondly, I am happy and contended with the management of this institution. My daughter is truly enjoying and improving to a great extent and not to forget the extra-curricular activities. It is always a pleasure to attend the programs of the school. It is a treat to watch the kids perform in different activities. Really wonder how the teachers manage it so well. Hats off to them!! The teacher child ratio of this school is one of the main reasons which draws me to this institution. Thank you PETALS Wishing you all the very best in the future endeavors.

Mother of Aradhaya

I am really very happy with the development of my 4 year old daughter who has been in Petals since she was 2.5 years old. The teachers take great pains to ensure every child gets full attention. The security factor is very impressive in my opinion; the child is not handed over unless the person picking him/her is approved by the family and carries the ID card issued by the school. Overall I have been with Petals for 3 years and I am very happy. It will be a little sad when the time comes for us to finally leave.

Mother of Parth

"I want to compliment your school and teachers for the excellent curriculum offered to students and efficient teaching methods adopted by teachers. PETALS has set very high standards of learning. Concepts of mammals vs. reptiles, Colors, Rhymes, Days have taught in such a Playway Manner. As a parent, I was thrilled to see Parth 'established' in all aspects of the assessment (shared by teachers at the PTM). Parth is able to communicate the essence / crux of the concepts that he has learnt at school. This clarity has been possible due to efficient teaching methods adopted by teachers. Also, the methods are so refreshing that Parth thoroughly enjoys the learning process.

Mother of Adhya

We would like to thank you and your wonderful team of teachers and nanies for your support during Aadhya's 8 months @Petals . Due to long travel times we had decided to move her to the day care center closer to our home and we picked the nearest Day care center i.e. Petals as our experiences has been tremendously amazing. One of the best decisions as anxious parents, we were really impressed with the infrastructure, curriculum & safe and secure environment available @Petals. Aadhya has learnt & improved in many areas, & we are very much pleased on how she's progressed since joining Petals.. A big thank you

Mother of Viaan

We love Petals Preschool school. I say ‘we’ because just as my daughter loves her school, I too do! I feel it is an extended family. I think the teachers are very kind. They seem to be great friends for our kids. And what else could we ask for! I can see a great improvement in my kid’s vocabulary at the age of 3… I am impressed!! And Petals has also been a moral support for my kid in difficult times. Thank you Petals family!

Mother of Aryaman

It gives me immense pleasure to present my views to you through this letter. Let me congratulate Petals Preschool Noida in its efforts towards children’s development and thus impacting the society at large. As far as Aryamann is concerned, there are several pleasant changes in his personality but the following stands out particularly well: • Have become very social • Grown in confidence • Learnt and recognized number counting up to 20 • Learnt phonetics • Have come into a nice routine • Have become independent in eating • Last one & half months have been very exciting in his speech development • Enjoys show & tell and looks forward to stage performances Once again thank you Petals for the tutelage and wonderful grooming.

Mother of Seerat

Seerat having joined the Petals family at the age of nearly 16 months has now grown up to be a three years plus old kid. Over this period from a shy baby holding her soft toy friend “Lion” who accompanied her daily to school, she has grown up to be a very confident, expressive, creative and observant child as a result of tremendous efforts, constant endeavour and patience beyond imagination of the entire team at Petals. We still clearly remember the day we met Aditi Madam for the first time and it were the positive vibes and her assuring words that made us choose Petals for our daughter Seerat as a school and day care both. Since then there is no looking back and we are sure that it was the right decision for our child. Being a nuclear family with both of us working, it was very difficult for us to continue our job. At that juncture Petals provided a secure, protective, supportive, encouraging and beautiful environment to our daughter and nurtured her into a very inquisitive and responsible child, ready to explore the bigger world of formal schooling. We are sincerely to the entire Team at Petals for it and any words are less to express our gratitude as assured parents.

Mother of Kanishk

Kanishk joined Petals a week before he turned two. With each passing day, he has also started expressing himself better and has become more of a storyteller. He often repeats skills learnt at Petals and surprise us. Counting things with pointing index finger, dragging chair to offer us seat, pouring water in cup(not to mention the spills), asking “Hello! How are you?”(to his toys and to selective people of his choice_, coming home and telling his mother that he has finished his lunch. Narrating what his friends and Ma’am does at school and is always concerned about them. A growing kid is a learner by nature and all we could give him to encourage this abiliy in the right environment. Thank you Petals and special thanks to Aditi ma’am for taking extra care.

Mother of Hridayansh

Petals has taught Hridayansh so much, giving him so many opportunities boosting him with more confidence, energy and skills. The teachers gave him so much love & attention. Thank you very much.

Mother of Kia

Its wonderful to see how students are allowed to explore their own personalities and the partnership the school maintains with the parents.

Mother of Mishi

It is very nice to be with Petals and my daughter has learned and developed her skills beautifully. Petals has nurtured her very well. All the best!

Mother of Avyansh

“They Say that teachers are the architect for the future generations. TruelyCommanding.Indeed I would be pleased to share my experience about petals ,that provides an all rounded education to the children helping them embark on not only a journey of learning,but more importantly on journey of learning how to learn.Its wonderful to see how students are allowed to explore their own personalities and the partnership the school maintains with the parents.My experience being a parent of 3 in nursery has been extremely positive.The early years are boon for future for any kid and petals definitely put things into perspective.I really appreciate how every query and concern of parents are addressed with patience by all of the staff. I look forward to many more years with petals.”

Anshneer mother

Petals preschool the second home for my child” Petals has done wonders in bringing about an all-round development of my child “Anshneer Rehal. My Child possesses good grasping power and fine learning skills but all these wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts and hard work of Petals Staff. From day one till till date Anshneer has enjoyed each and every day she has spent at school. The school has groomed her so smartly and has enhanced her personality so well. On behalf of my whole family, I thank you all for the care you have taken for my child.. We all are really very happy to see so much of improvement in her in the past one year. Thank you so much Aditi Maam, the staff for your valuable time which you all have spent on her with patience and smile. This has been the most memorable experience being part of your family. This is truly the best home away from home.

Mother of Trisha

Ever since Trisha stepped in petals, I was able to discover confidence and action in her. Every evening listening activities of her at petals was a bliss. It has been a truly invaluable experience. Thanks team Petals.

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